Entertainment: "Let us know more" with kiwi & his friends (4-8 years)
A series of 6 booklets each accomplished with a CD holding 6 games and activities as well as the animated story…It is a real adventure for kids who are anxious to know more (the series is developed in both languages Arabic and English)

Entertainment: Hilmy the Hippo Learns Not To Lie (5-8 years)
This 2D animated is a simple guide to kids, why not to lie… accomplished with text and narration to achieve learning aims too… our special talent takes place in the bright graphics with the animation in a very light package for the web. View it online.      Try it now

Entertainment: The Cake Game… (6-12 years)
This challenging game is dedicated to every girl delighted of cooking… Choose a level then memorize the recipe and try to fetch all the components before time is over… Well done, now enjoy decorating your favorite cake…      Try it now