Edutainment: Islamic concepts for non Arab Muslim kids (6-8 years)
How to clarify Islamic concepts to non Arab? This was the challenge… and through a short interactive animation followed by five exciting activities we help kids learn and memorize all the details of each concept…      Try it now

Edutainment: Arabic letters… (3-6 years)
To help kids learn the letters, they should learn how to read, write and pronounce the letter… via computer!!! This is the challenge, but in this attractive package we achieved all that and more…

Edutainment: Shapes… (3-6 years)
Learn, Color and Play… This is how we introduce shapes to kids, presenting similar shapes from their environment then helping them apply this knowledge through activities like coloring & classifying different objects due to each object shape.

Edutainment: Salahuldin animated story (8-12 years)
This is an animating story telling brief information about the great Salahuldin aiming to help kids learn this information in an entertaining way.

Edutainment: Awareness Stories (9-12 years)
We've presented 25 short animated stories dealing with different concepts of awareness, targeting teenagers to help them understand life and live in a better way. This project was a part of the huge project of KSA (Tatweer).

Edutainment: Girls Stuff (9-12 years)
Girls need to learn a lot of skills, we've presented more than 20 clips in different fields like: sewing, cooking, cleaning… etc targeting teenagers. This project was a part of the huge project of KSA (Tatweer).